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 The Darkest Hour

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Jack of Blades


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PostSubject: The Darkest Hour   Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:17 pm

Hello, brothers and sisters...members of DAJ.

First, I would like to thank the ones that have decided to stay in this clan during these difficult times. I thank those kind and loyal people that did not want anything else but to help keep this place alive, unlike others who still don't understand that with every split, the number of role-players in this game lowers significantly everytime.

I am afraid that I, alongside Vrook, Drakyl and Kain will be leaving JKA for the time being. As Sirius once said, we will not be working with people that refuse to recognize how we maintained DAJ for such a long time. It may have seemed easy, but it was a complicated goal to achieve. It would not have been possible without the support of a few other people, either.

You guys are free to do what you like. If you'd like to join the false DAJ just for the RP as long as you still can, then so be it. It has been a pleasure meeting all of you, and I hope we will still keep in touch. I wish you the best of luck in life.

And now, we've decided to make a last small RP for you to read, if you wish to do so.

The Darkest Hour

Suspended in the nothingness of black, a throbbing light shines upon the figures of four hooded men...walking towards the landing platform outside the old temple.
As they reach the platform, they suddenly stop, taking a few last looks at the huge construction lying before them, seemigly touching the pinpricked sparkled sky.
Jack: So...you sure the shuttle you left them is still functional?
Kain: Of course... I made sure that there is enough space in it as well for all of them.
Jack: What about the food rations?
Kain: Well...some of the canned meat might be a little..expired. I'm not sure... But they've still got rodian fingers in stock.
The group laughs heartily at the comment
Vrook: Don't blame us... Those fingers are actually kind of expensive..
Kain: I'm sure the lads will make it... Unless they think this is another simulation and they will stay here until the predators arrive..
Drakyl: Hopefully not... You've seen what happened last time in the jungle..
Jack: Yeah...they might have a little infestation problem afterwards.
Suddenly, a shuttle emerges from the darkness, landing on the platform beside the group.
Vrook: So...who's flying this ship anyway?
Kain: Bullo...a droid pilot. He seemed like a pretty good choice.
Jack: So we're letting a trash can do all the piloting for us? Sure he won't...malfunction?
Kain: Blame the budget cuts...
Drakyl: Either way, what's the destination?
Kain: Who knows...I've heard they opened a new club on Nar Shaddaa, could check that out first..
Jack: Or we could go and find that slimy bastard Sirius...
Kain: Aye...we ain't letting him get away so easily..
The four of them walk inside the shuttle, still gazing at what used to be their home.
As the ship takes off, Jack sighs deeply while the ship's ramp was still open
Jack: I will surely miss this place...
Kain: Indeed...but now that I think about it..perhaps I should have left that boy Angelus some new clothes.
Vrook: What for?
Kain: It just seemed like he was taking a bath in the mud everyday... Pretty disturbing...
Drakyl: Hahaha...come on, I think it's time to close the ramp before any of you fall out.
Jack: You worry about yourself, old man...
Jack takes a final glance outside, shedding a tear. Shortly after, he closes the ramp, the shuttle leaving the planet's orbit.
And so, the last few remaining elders of the Dark Angels disappear into the farthest reaches of the galaxy...

We will never forget you, friends...

Kavar Orion & Mutius Vos

Rest In Peace,

2004 - 2014

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The Darkest Hour
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