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 Imperial Retaliation

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: Imperial Retaliation   Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:55 pm

Imperial Retaliation

Today just as the morale on the front lines was waning The I.S.S.D. Retaliation Jumped out of hyperspace and into the frey sending several vong ships back to the darkness from which they came. It is rumored that the emperor himself is aboard this ship and is preparing to send relief supplies to the planet's resistance fighters. The Retaliation has been the flagship of the imperial armada and the savior of many battles in the past, hopefully although slightly outdated even with its recent refit it will be able to turn the tide of the invasion. Along with the retaliation came a relief armada from the empire RAS and GA so that the survivors from the previous fleets could be relieved.
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Imperial Retaliation
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