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 The Sundering Continues

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Jessica Havenfall

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PostSubject: The Sundering Continues   Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:44 pm

The Sundering continues

Reports of assaults by these unknown invaders have reached as far east on the galactic map as Tatooine and as far west as bespin. While these reports are confined to the southern quarters who knows what will happen next? One thing is for certain, the Republic of allied systems, empire, and Galactic alliance need to finalize this treaty, it is uncertain what is holding up proceedings.

Superweapon development

the Galactic alliance And empire have admitted to having super weapons in construction, at this time it seems that perhaps the power of such war engines are required to turn the tide of the advancing invasion force.

The Fall of Naboo

The remnants of those stationed on naboo have fled or been evacuated now, and just in time.. Only minutes ago the Planet fell totally to the invading forces. Several ships have gone missing from this sector of space including the I.S.S.D. Retaliation, It is hypothesized that the emperor himself may have gone missing while engaging in hand to hand combat upon the vessel.

Following is a list of those vessels missing for those concerned.

I.S.S.D. Retaliation
I.S.D. Vengeance
I.S.D. Tempest
I.S.D. Victory

GA.N.B. Serenity
GA.N.B. Enterprise
GA.N.B. Indomitable
GA.T.C. Domesticator

RAS.G.B. Dominator
RAS.G.B. Decimator
RAS.G.B. Fury
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The Sundering Continues
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