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 Temple under control - Nuhallis under Restrictions

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Drakyl YukiShiro

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PostSubject: Temple under control - Nuhallis under Restrictions    Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:53 am

//please keep in mind this is a part of the RP form, so no personal feelings or such here.


I write this announcement with great sorrow, today we buried a young ling born of this temple, she was possed by a dark spirit, known as Jadak, this spirit will no longer be able to enter the Temple as long as the shielding placed by me and Jack hold up. The Shielding is a force shielding disconnects the temple grounds from any force creatures, expect the outside regions we are not safe there.

Furthermore, Adept Nuhallis has been imprisoned and is not to be communicated with at any time, only council members will enter or anyone under a council members supervision.

If by the off chance you hear voices, please report to a master or knight for guidance, lastly do not under any circumstances go outside without a partner or a buddie.


// I don't want this RP to happen again, so please do not resurrect that spirit, because to my knowledge it was supposed to be a friendly spirit throughout Anar's DAJ Canon trip, AND I DO MEAN IT the temple is protected at all times! So I don't want this or similar RPs to be brought up until the council speaks about it. Thank You.


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Temple under control - Nuhallis under Restrictions
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