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 Ranged weapon: E-11 blaster rifle

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PostSubject: Ranged weapon: E-11 blaster rifle   Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:16 am

E-11 Blaster Rifle

Production information

  • BlasTech Industries
  • SoroSuub Corporation
  • Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.

Model: E-11
Type: Blaster rifle
Cost: 750

Physical and technical specifications

Size: Medium
Length: 49.2 cm / 19.37 inches
Weight: 2.92 pounds / 4.5 kilograms
Capacity: 500 shots
Range: 100 meters (optimum) ; 300 meters (maximum)

Usage and history

  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic era
  • New Jedi Order era
  • Legacy era
  • Era Of the Split
  • Era Of the Questions
  • Era Of the Scars
  • Era of the Uncertainty
  • The Dark Times
  • Era of the Revival
  • Era of the Action (1)
  • Era of the Action (2)
  • The Strange Times
  • Era of the Archangels

  • Galactic Empire
  • Zsinnj's Empire
  • Thrawn's Confederation
  • Dark Empire
  • Imperial Remnant
  • New Galactic Empire
  • Smugglers
  • Bounty hunters
  • Old Dark Angels Jedi Order
  • Bakuran Jedi Order
  • Crimson Empire
  • Black Death
  • Galactic Federation
  • New Dark Angels Jedi Order


Standard-issue for Imperial stormtroopers, the E-11 could alternate between semiautomatic, fully automatic and pulse-fire settings, and was designed to use a variety of ammunition, including grenades, darts, and flares. A computer enhanced scope compensated for dark, hazy, or smoky conditions, while a supplementary computer enabled the scope to display data specific to the weapon's current operating mode. The E-11's long barrel produced a tightly focused and very powerful particle beam, and had a maximum range of three hundred meters and an optimum range of one hundred meters.
The E-11 rifle proved to be a highly versatile design, spawning a wide number of variations. To make up for the high demand for these weapons, BlasTech authorized SoroSuub and Merr-Sonn to manufacture them under license. These three manufacturers were found mixed indiscriminately across the Empire in Imperial stocks.

Stormtroopers carried E-11 rifles throughout the Galactic Civil War. The design was based on that of the DC-15 series of blaster rifles, carbines, and pistols which were once favored by the Galactic Republic's clone troopers. Some stormtroopers were known to complain that the original E-11 had excessive recoil, leading to diminished accuracy in firefights, and preferred the carbine model instead.

The basic E-11 was 438 mm long when folded and weighed 2.6 kilograms. The power cell housing opened on the left side of the action housing, above the trigger, giving the E-11 a very low profile (useful when shooting prone or from a barricade). The E-11's plasma gas cartridges allowed for over 500 shots, while the power cells lasted for about 100 shots, depending on the setting.

All moving and/or metal parts were fitted with a corrosion-proof, vacuum-rated, dry lubricant. The top of the receiver had a universal, quick-detach sight rail, which came from the factory, mounted with a ring reticule 2x optical scope. The basic three piece folding stock rode along the left side, under the power cell. When the stock was collapsed, the weapon could be fired one-handed.
The power settings ranged from stun to kill. The rifle also had a rapid-fire mode with an expanded fire area, at the cost of poor accuracy. The stun settings could also itself be set to varying levels, including humanoid, depending on the target. When in stun setting, the blaster fires a blue concircular ring of energy, a product of the stun setting's wasted photonic energy byproducts. However, the stun bolts have a larger aperture than standard explosive bolts.

The rifle could be clipped onto the utility belt of a Stormtrooper's uniform, for ease of carrying.

Modified versions of the rifle had also been produced. The E-11b was capable of higher rates of fire, but was prone to overheating. A carbine version of this weapon was also produced—the E-11 carbine, as well as the smaller E-11A and E-11A1, capable of fitting a pistol holster, largely because the extendable stock had been removed. There also was an additional scope that could be added on to make the E-11 into a small scale sniper rifle, with a maximum range of about 8x zoom. While effective, it was not as effective as the E-11s sniper rifle. The EZ Strike E-11 rifle was a variant favored by novice commandos.

By 14 ABY they had been succeeded by the E-15 and E-19 blaster rifles in some Imperial Remnant forces. Around 130 ABY, the ARC-9965 blaster rifle, another product of BlasTech and advertised as an upgrade over the E-11, had become the new standard issue firearm for the Imperial Stormtroopers, although the rifle is still in use by a small number of Stormtroopers.

Despite the fact that this particular blaster rifle has first been used over three hundred years ago, short-term thugs and other criminal organizations still use this weapon due to lack of funds.


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Ranged weapon: E-11 blaster rifle
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