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 Starship weapon category: Proton torpedo

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PostSubject: Starship weapon category: Proton torpedo   Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:54 am

Proton torpedo


Proton torpedoes came in a wide array of sizes and yields; from massively powerful capital ship weapons designed for orbital bombardment, to small but nimble fighter-grade weapons like those Luke Skywalker employed against the first Death Star. A number of torpedo designs were shielded to protect them from being shot down either by skilled pilots or the target's defensive flak guns.

Small starfighters like the Rebel Alliance X-wing and Y-wing fighters often had their laser weaponry complemented by ordnance launchers capable of firing proton torpedoes. The energized torpedoes carried a devastatingly powerful blast from a proton-scattering warhead, and could be fired at much greater ranges than the standard laser cannon. The torpedoes were exceptionally maneuverable, able to make a 90 degree turn within a turning circle of a meter, enabling them to be used against starfighters, such as when Corran Horn in his X-wing used them against Erisi Dlarit's TIE Interceptor.


Proton torpedoes were used during the Battle of Naboo by Naboo N-1 starfighter pilots. Anakin Skywalker accidentally crash landed in the Droid Control Ship and destroyed the control ship using proton torpedoes.
During the Rebel attack run on the first Death Star, Alliance fighters had to use high-speed proton torpedoes on the thermal exhaust port that protected the Death Star's sole vulnerable point. Since the port was ray shielded, standard laser weaponry would have been ineffective.

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Starship weapon category: Proton torpedo
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