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 News update

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Sarah Ravensdale


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PostSubject: News update   Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:35 am


Several unnamed PMC forces have appeared on Coruscant and are aiding the local forces in pushing back the Vong from key locations. Military officers I've contacted have stated they do not know who these mysterious soldiers are, but are thankful for their help. Even with their aid, I'm afraid to that the defending forces are still stretched thin across the planet.

High Treason

Colonel proud has been called into face accusations of high treason following his desertion of the dromund kaas space battle for unknown reasons. Reports claim he abandoned his post without orders when the core world of the empire was under siege.

Portal over Dromund Kaas closes

The combined power of the imperial reserve fleet and superweapon have succeded in closing the portal over Dromund kaas. Ground forces are being swept up as this report is being made.
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News update
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