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 Powers List

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Sirius Leos


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PostSubject: Powers List   Fri Jan 31, 2014 12:55 am


Physical Skills

Stamina - Max*
Strength - Max*
Medium Armor - Max*
Heavy Armor - Max*
Powered Armor - [ ] [ ] [ ]
Melee combat - Max*


Saber Attack - Max*
Saber Defense - Max*
Saber Forms Known - Max*

Basic Force Powers

Telekenesis - Max*
Force Sight - Max*
Force Speed - Max*
Force Jump - Max*

Specialist Powers [Please note you must be in the correct wing for specialist powers if listed below] [CoH - Circle of healers] [DW - Death Watch]

Protect [DW]- Max*
Force Barrier [DW] - Max*
Heal [CoH]- Max*
Absorb [DW & CoH]- Max*
Mind Trick [?] - Max*
Telepathy - Max*

Advanced Powers [Knights only unless marked with 'P']   [A lot of Advanced powers are unlisted]

PyroKinesis - Max*
Alter Environment - Max* [No Plant Surge]
Sith Alchemy - Max*
Force Stealth - Max*
Tapas [P] - Max*
Force Cloak - Max*
Sever Force - Max*
Adv. Telekenesis - Max*
Further Adv. Telekenesis - Max*
Force Strike/Slash - Max*
Force Insanity - Max*
Transfer Essence - Max*
Force Crush - Max*
Adv. Force Sight - Max*
Foresight - Max*
Force Projection - Max*
Memory Manipulation - Max*
Material Manipulation - Max*
Diminish Aura - Max*
Teleport - Max*
Adv. Teleport - Max*
Absorb Energy - Max*
Tutaminis - Max*
Force Lightning - Max*

Custom Form - Max*
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Powers List
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