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 Job rules And Salaries [Trial System]

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Velocity Ravensdale


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PostSubject: Job rules And Salaries [Trial System]   Fri Jan 31, 2014 8:40 pm

Job Rules

Getting a Job

To get a job in the temple you must do the following

  • Apply to the job in the appropriate 'application' section
    ---- This may be done through a post in the application section listing the job you are applying for and a brief summary as to why you would be good for the job. <You may fill out the appropriate form>
    ---- Please make sure you apply for a vacancy not currently filled as applications will not be kept.
    ---- Please remember multiple people may be applying for a singular vacancy, in which case the best fitting candidate will receive the job
  • You will receive feedback in a week in regards to your job application.
  • Remember you may only have one job for your character at any time. (E.g. one person may not be a librarian and a cleaner, its one job per character)

    Please remember this application process is strictly for members only and those outside of the order will not be considered.

  • You may do a maximum of 4 hours paid work a day (IRL)

Working a Job

When you have gotten a place in a job please bear the following in mind.

  • All hours done on server will earn you the 'hourly' wage IRP (Please bear in mind this is an hour IRL time not irp time)
    ----- An hours wage is defined by
          ----- An hour of time spent actively working at a job in the temple without AFK breaks.
          ----- Any time recorded on your worksheet that you DID NOT work as may warrant investigation and removal from your job position, as well as the removal of any 'stolen' funds.
  • Any theft from the Job/Store may end in the termination of your work contract
  • Any inappropriate relations with customers while working may result in the termination of your work contract
  • You will never lose a job in the temple unless
       ---- You die
       ---- You Break any of the terms of your work contracts
       ---- You Act inappropriately
       ---- You leave the order
       ---- You Are inactive for a certain period of time.
  • You should record your worked hours when your shift ends  under the appropriate section of the forum
  • Your wages will be paid in Every Week IRL
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Job rules And Salaries [Trial System]
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