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 Ranged Weapon: DEMP 2 Ion Carbine

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PostSubject: Ranged Weapon: DEMP 2 Ion Carbine   Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:47 am

Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 ion carbine

Production information

Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.
Model: Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2
Type: Ion rifle
Cost: 800 (Galactic Market)

Physical and technical specifications

Size: Medium
Weight: 6.83 pounds / 3.1 kilograms
Capacity: 50 shots
Range: 50 meters (optimum) ; 120 meters (maximum)

Usage and history


  • New Republic era


  • Alliance to Restore the Republic

  • Bounty hunters

  • Galactic Empire

  • New Jedi Order

  • Smugglers

  • Old Dark Angels Jedi Order

  • Bakuran Jedi Order

  • Crimson Empire

  • Black Death

  • Galactic Federation

  • New Dark Angels Jedi Order


As expected of any ion weaponry, the Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 ion carbine, or DEMP 2, was capable of firing high power ion bursts able to disable electrical systems. These rounds have also found use in stunning organic targets, effectively making the DEMP 2 a fairly reliable weapon for capturing live targets.

The DEMP 2 had two modes of fire, a regular fire that consumed a few charges per shot, and an advanced fire that shot a higher-powered bolt that exploded on impact, spreading the ion damage around i


The DEMP 2 has a rather unusual, but simplistic build. Despite featuring what appears to be targeting sights, they provide little use due to the conical shape of the barrel, which obscures the line of sight provided just slightly. However, this is a relatively small concern as the diameter of the shots fired is wide enough that the user does not need to rely on pinpoint accuracy. This is further emphasized by the rifle's secondary fire and its optimal use in relatively close-quartered to mid-range combat. A slot for power packs can be found in the end of the stock.
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Ranged Weapon: DEMP 2 Ion Carbine
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